Monday, January 11, 2010

Poetic Terms

Anthropomorphism- When an animal or inanimate object is given human qualities in order to be a character in a story.
Ex. The animals in the movie "Bambi" are given the human characteristics like being able to talk to each other.

Apostrophe- a figure of speech in which someone who is deceased or not present is addressed or spoken to.
Ex. "Oh my Darling, Clementine."

Irony- a figure of speech that in which the opposite of what is expected or intended occurs.
Ex. "I doubt it will rain later today." Later that day... It rains.

Metonymy- a figure of speech in which one noun replaces another that it is often related to
Ex. Throw the bucket of water. You don't really throw the bucket, you throw the water in the bucket.

Paradox- A statement that seems absurd or self-contradictory, but still may be true.
Ex. The universe is big. Because there is nothing to relate the size of the universe to, it cannot be described as big or as small.

Personification- a figure of speech in which a non-human noun is given human traits.
Ex. The tree whistled in the wind.

Synecdoche- a figure of speech in which a part of a system or object is used to describe the entire thing.
Ex. Ten sail meaning ten ships.

Tautology- repetition of the same idea in different words in the same sentence.
Ex. The water drops fell from the clouds as it rained.

Understatement- the opposite of a hyperbole. A humble assessment of something, creating a greater affect.
Ex. "It's a little windy outside," she said in the middle of a tornado.

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